Huntly Organics, based in the City of Greater Bendigo, is proud to be a part of the Central Victorian Chapter of Young Farmers Connect (YFC). 

YFC is a national not for profit organisation committed to cultivating networks, resources and community for young farmers state and nation wide. Through our network we provide educational platforms and community connections that encourage our young agrarians to farm for the future, supporting the use of regenerative, holistic & sustainable agricultural practices. YFC is a community that provides a national framework for peer support and a network that facilitates opportunities, land sharing, collaboration, education, mentorship and industry support to new, young and aspiring farmers throughout Australia.

Huntly Organics offers a local point of contact for YFC members and supporters in Bendigo & Regional Victoria. Feel free to reach out if you are in need of help or advice and we can try and point you in the right direction.

Guiding Principles of YFC

Young Farmers Connect supports practices and policies that will sustain young, independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future.
Our regional chapters, members and supporters stand by a shared set of guiding principles that inform our work.

As a community of young farmers and consumers, we support:

  • Independent farming enterprises: For the future resiliency and viability of our food system, and for healthy rural communities, it is critical that we continue fostering an independent network of farms throughout Australia.
  • Sustainable farming practices: Farmers maintain the vast majority of the Australian land mass and are some of the best land stewards there are. We want to ensure that our food system and economy supports farming practices that sustain healthy soil, water and air, and that will protect our climate for the next generation.
  • Affordable land for farmers: Farmers must have access to high-quality, affordable and secure farmland. While long-term leases remain critical, land ownership allows farmers to make capital improvements and build equity for long term financial security, as well as offering personal satisfaction. We will support endevours that aim to improve farmland security for our members and advocate for new models of farmland trusts.
  • Fiar labour practices: All farmers should receive a fair living wage, proper care and support when sick or injured. Farming is deeply satisfying and necessary work and the health, wellbeing and livelihoods of farm workers should not be put in jeapardy.
  • Farmer-to-farmer training: Much farming knowledge is passed down or learned through experience. We support mentorship, skills sharing and apprenticeship models and believe farmer-to farmer learning opportunities should be supported for young farmers.
  • Farmers of every gender, race and sexual orientation: Inclusiveness and diversity among farmers is critical to maintaining a vibrant agricultural sector.
  • Cooperation and friendship between all farmers. We support collaboration between all producers regardless of production philosophy or other issues.
  • Farmers of all types and ages are essential to passing down knowledge to the next generation of growers. But the responsibility should not be theirs alone. We must create supportive pathways for knowledge exchange.

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Young Farmers Connect has a lot to offer including resources, support and events. Check out the official website to see the full list!

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You don’t have to be a member to attend YFC events or access a vast majority of resources. But your small contribution helps fund the national effort to push resources, funding and support in the direction of young farmers, and your name added to the ranks gives us further weight to make an impact on your behalf. We welcome you to join the network and add your efforts, or ask for support.

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