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01. Goumet Traveller March 2021 Issue


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  • “Speaking to each of the farmers, it’s evident there is a uniting and underlying philosophical, environmental and personal drive that goes far beyond simply owning a business. They are on a shared mission to sow seeds -literally and figuratively- for the future.”

02. Bendigo Magazine Issue 61

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  • “A regenerative approach to farming is the opportunity for a lot of people who want an intelligent job and not just to be a cog in the wheel of a corporation. We go to farmers market with crates of stuff and people come and give us money for it. It’s such a pure, fulfilling sort of trade.”

03. Bendigo Times March 4th 2021

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  • “Having a weekly market for them top attend actually have allowed them to be ahead of their business plan by a couple of years and have expanded their offering.”

04. The Weekly Times 19 August 2020

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  • “I’m still a young farmer but I’m also at the stage that I want to help others interested in farming get in to it.” Jordan Collin
  • “The average age of an Australian farmer is now nearly 60 and so services often aren’t available to support new entrants.” Joel Orchard

05. 9News Victoria 11/06/2020

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  • “Stallholders say the feedback from customers is that many are now more aware of the importance of buying local.”

06. City of Greater Bendigo Council

June 2020 Advertising Campaign

  • “Support small businesses and love your local”

07. Victorian Country Hour 20/20/2020

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  • “It’s the idealism of bringing back the family farm, we enjoy doing a lot of different crops, the idea of a diversified farm is if you grow a variety, all your eggs aren’t in one basket.”

08. Hayley Morcom Podcast Ep13

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  • “Soil health is really similar to human health, there’s a lot we can learn from it.”

09. Bendigo Advertiser May 30th 2020

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  • “We started farming in New Zealand using the urban farming concept, it’s the idea of turning over your front yard and farming on a small scale. We started farming on a quarter acre which is not even a farm in Australian terms. Leasing land has allowed us to farm on a micro scale, but we always wanted to scale up and have our own land.”

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