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Grown in the Soil & the Sun

Our produce is:

Grown in the soil and the sun
Fertilised with natural, organic matter
NOT sprayed with any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides

No occupation is so delightful as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.

Thomas Jefferson

A little bit about us and our growing techniques

T his is Jordan and Emma.

They moved back to Bendigo late 2019 and this really was meant to be.
Originally from North East France (Emma) and Bendigo (Jordan), they both met in Melbourne, when Jordan hosted Emma as she started her journey from France. They quickly decided to travel together, and with that came they first WWOOFING experiences on different farms in Australia. They instantly fell in love with growing food, being outside, the generosity of the earth, and the challenging but incredibly rewarding adventure farming is.
In 2014, they moved to New Zealand and a year after, had the opportunity to work on a friends farm growing organic vegetables. It then became clear this was what they wanted to do for a living. They then decided to start their own little enterprise on a piece of leased land in Kaiwaka, Northland.
For four years, they provided customers with fresh produce and this was a wonderful experience.
They had been wanting to buy their own land for a few years and when they came back to Australia to visit relatives, they stumbled onto this piece of land in Huntly and decided to make the move back and start over. They spent 5 months apart, Jordan building up the new farm in Huntly, and Emma winding down the farm in New Zealand. They are particularly grateful to their mentor Curtis Stone, whose farm they have based their farming model on; but also to the wider Bendigo community for their warm welcome and support, as well as their families and friends for their continuous help throughout the adventure.

I n our garden, we only use innovative lean and efficient tools and practices that allow us to get the work done without any reliance on heavy machinery.

We seed our vegetables directly in the field with the help of a seeder, or by hand in our nursery, where we grow our seedlings until they are ready to plant out in the garden. We select varieties that are nutrient dense and tasty. When ready, we carefully hand harvest, sort and pack everything ourselves. We share our gardens with a large amount of hungry little bugs that relish our vegetables just as much as you do. We do our best to not accidentally pack them with your veggies, but if this happens, please let us know and we will be sure to make it right. We work with the seasons and therefore grow seasonal vegetables. Nevertheless, being in Victoria allows us to grow a broad variety of produce year round. Please give us your feedback, we love to hear from you!