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Huntly Organics is an intensive grower of a diverse range of food crops, selling directly into the local supply chain. We provide produce for farmers markets, stores and restaurants in Bendigo & Castlemaine.


What we do

Huntly Organics is an intensive market garden, that uses regenerative, all natural & chemical free practices to produce a diverse range of vegetables. We pride ourselves in both buying local and selling local and we are passionate advocates for Bendigo’s food security and local supply chain.

Our Markets & Stockists
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Our Story

Re-creating the Family Farm

We have set out to relive the heritage of our grandparents; the diversified family farm.

Huntly Organics is owned and operated by the Collin Family in Bendigo, Victoria. Find out all about story and our mission by clicking the link below!

Locally grown, Locally Sold

Grown in Bendigo for markets, stores, restaurants & cafes in Bendigo & Castlemaine. Shop Online or checkout our Farmers Markets & Stockists.

100% Natural Growing Practices

We do not use any chemical fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides on the farm. It's all aged compost & microbes around here!

Educating Growers

Huntly Organics is passionate about getting more people into growing! We offer an affordable range of workshops and services; for the homesteader and the small intensive farmer.

Online farm store

Order Vegetables Online from Huntly Organics

Unfortunately due to a serious farm injury that Emma had in March and the subsequent chaos, Huntly Organics was not able to get our major planting done before winter. This means we are taking a few months break to recover the farm and get back up to date while there is not much to harvest, and will be back at market, in stores, and open for online orders again in spring.

Apologies to all our loyal customers for the inconvenience in the meantime!


Huntly Organics is all over the news!

Speaking to each of the farmers, it's evident there is a uniting and underlying philosophical, environmental and personal drive that goes far beyond simply owning a business. They are on a shared mission to sow seeds -literally and figuratively- for the future
Gourmet Traveller, 2021
"A regenerative approach to farming is the opportunity for a lot of people who want an intelligent job and not just to be a cog in the wheel of a corporation. We go to farmers market with crates of stuff and people come and give us money for it. It's such a pure, fulfilling sort of trade."
Bendigo Magazine, 2020
"We started farming in New Zealand using the urban farming concept, it's the idea of turning over your front yard and farming on a small scale. We started farming on a quarter acre which is not even a farm in Australian terms. Leasing land has allowed us to farm on a micro scale, but we always wanted to scale up and have our own land."
Bendigo Advertiser, 2020

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